The Free Project offers resources and funding opportunities to help your antislavery club make a difference.

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DC Stop Modern Slavery Walk, GW

Digital Resources provided by End Slavery Now

The Weekly, the newsletter of End Slavery Now, shares three new ways to get involved each week. Sign up today!

Directory of 700+ Antislavery Organizations in the US and abroad– this is a fantastic tool that allows you to search antislavery organizations near you using your school’s zip code. Additionally, End Slavery Now has compiled a list of leading organizations they “trust and you’ll love.”

Database of human trafficking books 

Database of human trafficking movies

Helpful statistics on human trafficking

Photo galleries


Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

Students looking for internship and job opportunities in the anti-trafficking field should check out the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, End Slavery Now’s Directory of available volunteer opportunities, and End Slavery Now’s Listing of open job opportunities, which is updated the first of every month.



Historians Against Slavery Grants

Historians Against Slavery will fund grants up to $500.00 to support the establishment and/or strengthening of up to 20 campus-based student/ faculty antislavery societies.

Applicants must FIRST officially enroll their campuses in the Free Project. So doing automatically adds your campus in the HAS national campus network and insures meeting all requirements for reporting on your grant.

In a separate letter sent to Free Project Director Dr. Stacey Robertson, applicants should state the amount of the grant they are requesting, detail specific plans for expending the grant and describe the benefits expected as a result.

This letter should also explain in substance how applicants plan to sustain continuity in antislavery leadership, learning and activism on their campuses beyond the 2015-16 academic year.

For further information or for guidance prior to submitting an application, please contact Whitney Stewart at, and make sure to visit HAS’s website:


Project Unbound

What is Project Unbound, and how can it help Free Project chapters?

Project Unbound works to fight human trafficking and inspire young social entrepreneurs by raising money for anti-trafficking organizations through challenging teams (like Free Project chapters) to start small for-profit ventures. These small projects, which Project U calls Challenges, can be any kind of event that your chapter desires. Previous Challenges have included selling tickets to events like a short-form improv show or party at a rock climbing wall, establishing an advertising business with local stores, and setting up small bake sales or games on campus. (See below for a more inclusive list of previous Project U Challenges.) Project U will provide $30 of seed funding (either through check or PayPal) for each Free Project chapter, as well as offer guidance, help, and inspiration as needed. The $30 is considered a loan, which will be returned to Project U after completion of the Challenge. This ensures organizational stability for Project U, allowing them to continue providing start-up loans for more Challenges. All profit from the Challenge is then donated to a local anti-trafficking organization of the chapter’s choice. This is an exciting opportunity for Free Project chapters, providing the monetary support for a fundraiser while allowing each chapter the freedom to decide what that event will consist of and which anti-slavery organization will benefit from it.

How does my chapter apply for Challenge funding?

Complete and submit a Project Unbound Challenge Google Form. This is sent directly through Google, and requires no cost for printing or mailing. All you need to do is fill out the form and click “Send form” in the upper righthand corner. The form will then be sent directly to Project U staff, who will contact you.

What are some examples of previous Challenges?

Team Location Project
Obehave Oberlin Short-form improv show (tickets)
Rob M Oberlin Guess the number of MMs in jar (charging per guess)
Anna T Oberlin Guess the number of MMs in jar (charging per guess)
MAD Factory Oberlin Concert (entry fee)
Climbing Wall Oberlin Party at rock climbing wall (entry fee)
Quinn H Oberlin Bake sale
Kyle A Oberlin Established advertising business with downtown businesses
Interfaith Council Oberlin Spring Celebration (entry fee, sold food)
SASA Oberlin Rang (Indian color festival) (entry fee)
Katie Oberlin Candy-throwing games (fee per attempt)

Sample Constitution

If your Free Project chapter needs to submit a constitution and by-laws to your college or university, you can use our sample constitution as a starting point.