Loyola University, New Orleans

Free the Slaves (FTS) at Loyola is a small group of about 15 students founded in 2013, working to eliminate modern day slavery and raise awareness and support across college campuses. For the first time in 2014, we planned and successfully programmed our own Freedom Week. This was a project that lasted for a week on campus and consisted of events like a document screening of Sugar Babies, following a discussion with the filmmakers, a panel discussion about what modern day slavery is and what we can do to end it, a flag campaign, and a film that showcased students’ definitions of slavery.

This past year we have worked with other FTS clubs across the nation to bring Freedom Week to their campuses. We are hosting our own annual Freedom Week in April with new events such as a trivia night, a flag campaign, a document screening of Playground, and a final big event on the last day of Freedom Week with a band and food.

FTS at Loyola wanted to become a part of the Free Project network because this program is attempting to do exactly what we are here at FTS. With this new affiliation, we hope to get more opportunities to host more events and raise more awareness and money for the cause!