Adrian College’s Fair-Trade Ambition

Free Project Activist Emily Toupalik Fights for a Slavery-Free Campus An abolitionist fervently working to establish lasting change by altering Americans’ consumption patterns: this might sound like the description of a nineteenth-century anti-slavery activist. But this characterization describes a twenty-first century activist, Emily Toupalik, an Adrian College senior and member […]

Austin Free Project Is Now Blogging!

The Austin Free Project chapter, which includes members from three different Texas institutions, has started a blog to raise awareness of human trafficking. Check it out at While it is just getting up and running, this is a great idea to recruit new members, keep current members in the […]

TFP at GW visits the National Hotline

Our leadership team visited Polaris Project and the National Human Trafficking Resource Center today where we met with Jennifer Kimball, NHTRC Operations Coordinator and Brian Tan. Jennifer gave us a tour of the Hotline’s call center, where we learned more about states that are under-engaged in reporting human trafficking. We […]

James Kofi Annan

By: Lorena Martinez, The George Washington University For some time, I have been a part of the movement to end modern day slavery. I have heard numerous people speak to end this horrifying crime, from legislators in my home state of Connecticut to social activists in Washington, DC. Although the […]

How can YOU as an Individual Make a Difference?

By Vriddhi Sujan, The George Washington University I was pleasantly surprised to find the wealth of human trafficking campaigns out there. Some of these include items, which I would anyways be purchasing so knowing that the producing company has taken a stand against slavery is always a great feeling. Did […]

Petition Launch

We’ve launched our petition on to make The George Washington University slavery-free! Join us in asking President Knapp to make GW a slavery-free campus by the 2014 academic year. Together we can lead the way for other universities to eradicate slavery from their communities, because “Injustice anywhere is a threat to […]

2012 DC Stop Modern Slavery Walk

Our chapter has signed up to be a part of The FREE Project team for the annual Stop Modern Slavery Walk in Washington, DC! We’re excited to raise money for great anti-slavery organizations like Courtney’s House, Challenging Heights, Free the Slaves, Polaris Project, and more. We’re really excited to join together with other passionate […]

How Many Slaves Work for You?

By Melissa Arndorfer, The George Washington University I don’t own slaves and I’ve never purchased sex. I didn’t think that slavery touched my life…but I was wrong. I took Slavery Footprint’s online survey and was shocked to learn that I have 41 slaves working for me. FORTY-ONE! Through the survey […]

Slavery-free GW Film Shoot

This past week, we filmed a video calling on our university’s president to make the pledge to make GW a “slavery free campus” as part of our Slavery-Free GW Campaign. We had an amazing time shooting (despite a sprinkling of rain) and it was wonderful to see so many students […]